Transaction Approval


Check Before Approval

Your accountant can record as many transactions as he wants and can send it to for your approval. Until the transactions are approved, they will not impact the reports.

Bulk Transaction approval

Save time on bulk approving the transactions. Review the transactions individually and then with one click select all and approve it. It saves time and approval is online.



Transaction Detail View

View the transaction details while remaining on approval screen. You need not to toggle between different screens to see the transaction details. It’s all one window operation.

Better Internal Control

Have full control on your business with online transaction approval workflow. It reduces the chances of fraud and prevents any potential cash mismanagement. Do it on the go.

  • For any transaction voucher, you can restrict the approval rights to specific users.

  • You may approve transactions in bulk to save time.

  • Get instant notification, once a transaction is submitted for approval.

  • You can even edit the transactions before approval. This way, you can correct the errors and guess what, all this can be done with one click!

  • Get full audit trail of who approved the transaction, for future reference.

  • With multi-device functionality, you can approve the transactions even if you access it on tablet or mobile phone.

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