Record Expenses



Simple Expense Recording

It takes less than 60 seconds to record any expense in move2clouds. Simply click Record Expense on quick menu, fill in handy details and that’s it. No more complexities!

Attach Receipts

You can attache the receipts with your expense voucher. No need to maintain the dusty files. Save cost on physical storage space. You can access these receipts anytime anywhere.


Online Expense Approval

No need to move expenses vouchers from table to table for approval. You can approve it online with one click. Enter, Save & Approve, as easy as 123. Move2clouds is easy yet powerful.

Record Now Pay Later

You can easily record the expenses which you need to pay later. Just select the payment mode as Credit, select vendor and that’s it. You have booked the expense for later payment.

  • Record your business expense at a breeze. You can record multiple expenses in one single expense voucher.
  • Choose your specific payment mode i.e. cash, credit, bank or credit card
  • Manage multiple locations to record expenses specific to any location
  • Add internal remarks for your view only.
  • You can take print of vouchers for manual record, if needed
  • You can record expenses specific to your project. This feature is really helpful if you are managing different projects and want to track project specific expenses.
  • Add new location or new project while staying on same screen. Just press + sign next to project or location field and you can create new item on the go.
  • Attach the receipts with your expense voucher. You can attach files in various formats including jpeg, pdf, excel etc.

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