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Create Invoices

Create invoices with ease. You can add new customer directly in invoice. No need to go in set up again and again. Send invoices to your customers instantly via email. You can take control on invoicing procedure by enabling the invoice approval system.

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 Dashboard Management & Reporting

move2clouds presents the online accounting software package that comes with interactive Accounting Dashboard that Speaks to you and synced with your Mind all the time!

An overview of your financial results for any given period, access, analyze and compare instantly for your healthy & confident decision making.
Get rid of word “approximately” in business meetings quoting your financial results with the all new move2clouds, online accounting software solution.

Let the Online Accounting Software think for you!


New Customers

  • Income 75%

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Record Expense

Never miss recording any business expense. Attach expense receipts. When on mobile just take picture of expense receipt and there you go, you are done. Attach it online while recording the expense. Record both cash expense and expense payable in future.

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 Recurring Invoices

Got regular customers and vendors to deal with?

Your worries make us happy and we come up with something new, logical, simple and easy to use tools for your daily accounting life. To eliminate the manual entries which recur each month diverting attention and wasting precious time from more important tasks.

move2clouds has ability to creates invoices automatically based on schedule provided at the time of entering initial data/ information.

move2clouds is a logical online accounting software which only posts the recurring invoice in your ledger on scheduled date, before the scheduled date the invoice is kept as draft in application calendar.

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Locations & Projects

Growth made accessible by offering location based and project based accounting.
move2clouds made it easier manage effectively your financial of multiple locations and projects with them. Even if your organization is Global, consolidate financial results of multiple locations and projects.

Consolidate your financial statements with zero hassle.

Track profit and loss statement of all the locations/projects to give you insights about your financial affairs and key decision making in growth and personnel hiring etc.
Your branch wise accounting, sales trend, profit and loss will be clicks away with move2clouds location based accounting.

Let the Online Accounting Software think for you! Keep the decision making power in your Hand!

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Transaction Approval


Take control of your transactions and feel the ultimate authority on your business affairs. This cool feature of move2clouds gives you error free controlled accounting environment no matter what size is your organization. Transaction Approval process enables you to approve and post transactions remotely, be in command globally. Unlike many other online accounting software’s, move2clouds will give u full control over the transaction approval. You can restrict your accountant not to post un-authorized transactions. Easing your accounting pains!

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Track Cashflow


Your business would be a wreck even if the sales are high. Surprised! Well you should be!

If you are unaware of Money owed to you and money you owe, then it’s time to start using effective online accounting software and move2clouds is just the best option at the moment.

Managing Cash flow (funds available), Payables, Receivables is easy now with move2clouds. Your own move2clouds calendar keeps you updated in all business moods.

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Detailed Reporting


You will be able to see report that you wish in this complete accounting package. Whether it’s Income Vs. Expenses, Cash Inflow/Outflow, Financial Ratio Analysis, ageing analysis.

Most importantly your location wise reporting gives you high grounds on decision making to help you grow like never before.

move2clouds best fits your needs and our passion in delivering high quality accounting application to our users.

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 Payment Reminders


Instantly get notified with move2clouds payment reminders, your due invoices, overdue payments are just a thought away!
Never miss track of payments to be received move2clouds keeps your payments on your finger-tips.
Add new invoices or update the old ones and receive notifications about payment whenever the due date arrives.
It’s just that simple

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Bank Reconciliation


Sometimes meeting both ends isn’t that simple when it comes to Reconciling your Bank while you’re using online accounting software.
The first thing that you do in the morning is to check you bank statement for possible recent transactions, reconcile every transaction with one click.

move2clouds saves unto 95% of your precious time, in case there are some bank charges appearing in bank statement and are un-recorded, you can have them added right from bank reconciliation interface.

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Budgeting & Planning


Plan your accounting period(s) with the best budgeting feature of move2clouds accounting software, it’s easy.
With all new budgeting process in move2clouds accounting software, you can add complete budget and later on you can compare with actual accounting results for different accounting periods.

move2clouds accounting software enables you to easily compare budgets with actual to arrive at logical decision making and to know past trends.
move2clouds accounting presents beautiful variance report for the users.

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 Multiple Companies


Have more than one company to look after, to add data, to manage your accounting affairs from one place, save the hassle of signing out & signing in again and again.
Well move2clouds accounting made it easy to quickly switch company without logging out of the application.

Stop worrying about the evils of separate database management, as move2clouds does it all at one place.

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