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Location and Project Accounting

move2clouds made it easier manage effectively your financial of multiple locations and projects with them.

manage cash flow in Online Accounting Software

Track Cashflow

Managing Cash flow (funds available), Payables, Receivables is easy now move2clouds. Your own move2clouds calendar keeps you updated in all business moods.

Detailed Reporting

You will be able to see report that you wish in this online¬†accounting software. Whether it’s Income Vs. Expenses, Cash Inflow/Outflow, Financial Ratio Analysis, ageing analysis.

Payment Reminders

Instantly get notified with move2clouds payment reminders, your due invoices, overdue payments are just a thought away!

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Cash In

New Customers

  • Income 80%

Management Dashboard: Your Desired Accounting Dashboard

The Online Accounting Software Dashboard that Speaks! All the vital information on one page, now only a Click away.


  • Have your Key Data on one paper and see all your cash available, sales, purchases, balances and money you owe.
  • Let the Online Accounting Software think for you! Keep the decision making power in your Hand!
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Record Expenses & Pay Vendors

With our cloud based accounting software. Never miss recording any business expense. Attach expense receipts. When on mobile just take picture of expense receipt and there you go, you are done. That’s why we claim that move2clouds is the powerful online accounting software.

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Record Customer Transactions

Customer is king, we know this. That is why we have made a detailed customer module in move2clouds where you can

  • Create sales invoices & send them via email to your customers
  • Receive payment on time with due date reminders
  • Record sales refund
  • Give deferred credit to customers via credit note

Create Invoices

Create invoices with ease. You can add new customer directly in invoice. No need to go in set up again and again.

Recurring Invoices

move2clouds has ability to creates invoices automatically based on schedule provided at the time of entering initial data/ information.

Transaction Approval

Transaction Approval process enables you to approve and post transactions remotely, be in command globally.

Bank Reconciliation

move2clouds saves unto 95% of your precious time, in case there are some bank charges appearing in bank statement and are un-recorded, you can have them added right from bank reconciliation interface.

Budgeting & Planning

move2clouds accounting software enables you to easily compare budgets with Actual to arrive at logical decision making and to know past trends.

Multiple Companies

move2clouds accounting made it easy to quickly switch company without logging out of the application.

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