Management Dasboard


Business Overview

With 25 key business health indicators, you can get all vital information at one place i.e. Management Dasboard. Business on your finger tips.

Show Me the Money

Instant overview of your sales, expenses, profit & cash. Dasboard in move2clouds is the screen for business owners and decision makers.

Payable/Receivable View

Get Top 30 Debtors and Vendors in one place. You can drill down to their transaction detail with one click. Never miss track of your key receivable figures.

Business Trend

Make better business decision with key bsuiness trends; all available on move2clouds management dashboard. Our pick is Cash Inflow vs Outflow trend!

Management Board – One Screen Many Views

Small Business Online Accounting Software is incomplete without a powerful and robust Management Dashboard. A dashboard provides you an informative snapshot of your whole business. It must show you the cash position, anticipated cash inflow/outflow along with trend of your key business indicators. Move2clouds’ management dashboard is not only powerful but also gives you a detailed view of almost all your key business performance indicators. This is real handy and most important for your small business accounting needs.

Lets take a deep dive in move2clouds Management Dashboard.

As you sign in into your move2clouds account, Management Board is displayed. Here you can see the financial performance of the company, its cash flows, sales performance, sales summary, top receivables, top payable, cash position, sales & cash trend, your income vs expense trend and a lot more to customize as per your desired reporting style.

dashboard bar in move2clouds

In case you’re into some report, ledger, voucher form or anywhere in move2clouds application simply click on “Management Dashboard” to view it.

The move2clouds Management Dashboard consists hav two mainsections: –

  1. Business Performance Bar

  2. Financial Performance Graphs 


The Dashboard Performance Bar shows Key Figures and their comparison. It displays Income (for current month), Expenses (for current month), Profit / loss (for current month), Cash Inflow (for current month), and Cash Outflow (for current month). You can also see number of Unposted vouchers. dashboard performance bar in move2clouds.jpg

If you hover on any box above, you will find the comparative figures of previous month. This can be really handy to have a quick comparison. Also, if you click on any box it will take you to the detailed report for that item.


The Management Dashboard graphs / charts and management reports consist of the following sections: –

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary section of Management Board shows a summary of all sales in current month. You can view the previous month trend by just clicking on the drop down arrow on upper right hand corner. It gives you daily sales trend for the month along with the total sales for the month till today. Also you can view the total number of sales invoices issued during the current month. It gives you an indication of the work load on your accounts department!

sales summary graph in move2clouds - Online Accounting Software



Your company’s Cash Position, Top parables and Top Receivables are shown in Management Dashboard in respective Tabs. You can choose from top 10, 20 o0r top 30 payable or receivables. You can also click on any line item on this graph to drill down to its account ledger. From account ledger you can even drill down to the transaction level. What else you need from your small business online accounting software!


cash summary graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software


The Income Vs Expenses section of Management Board shows a comparison of income and expenses of a company. You can view monthly, quarterly or yearly trends. This handy tool in any small business accounting software will save you hell lot of time in making tedious monthly reports. With just a click of button you can now view your business performance over months, quarters or last many years.

income vs expense graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software


The Sales Performance section of Management Board shows the health of the sales invoices i.e. how much money you have received from your sales invoices for a particular month, how much is over due, how much is not yet due and how mcu is due today. This filter gives you an incredibly detailed view of your Accounts Receivables health. You can view this trend up to last one financial year.

sales performance health graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software


Making sales is not always equals to receiving cash in the business as many of your invoices will yet to be received. This handy comparison of Sales vs Cash shows you that how much you invoice during the months vs how much cash you received during the month. It’s a fact that you need cash to run the business and merely selling on credit may end up in sever liquidity crunch. Keep an eye of this graph to ensure that you are receiving more cash every month.

sales vs cash graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software



To survive in business, you need to be generating more cash inflow than outflow. The cash flow graph on Management Dashboard gives you monthly comparison of you cash inflow vs outflow. Not only you can view it for total cash and bank transactions, you can also view it for every separate account by clicking on “All Accounts” drop down.

cash inflow vs outflow graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software



The Expenses at a Glance section of Management Board shows a quick look of expenses made by the company. It gives you the donut chart of all expenses by showing a snapshot for a custom selected period. One good thing about this chart is that if you have too many expense accounts, you can club them into others by selecting the “other expenses” percentage.

expense graph - move2clouds Online Accounting Software



The Product Wise Sales section of Management Board shows a quick look of sales made for every product. You can very well keep a track on your flagship products by view this nicely build product sales graph.Product wise sale dashboard in move2clouds


Keeping an eye on number of transactions can help you monitor the workload. It can gives you help in deciding that when you should hire a full time Accountant or if you have already,  when to expand your Accounts Department. It also gives you a summary of the unposted/unapproved vouchers.

voucher summary - move2clouds Online Accounting Software


Move2clouds’ Management dashboard is the backbone of your business. You can rely on it to view real-time updated management reports. This will save you time and spare your money on hiring of an MIS reporting human resource. Read more on why Management Dashboards are necessary for your business.