Online Invoicing


Quick Invoice

Adding invoice in move2clouds is a breeze. Just with one click you can add new invoice, edit any existing invoice or post/approve it in one go. Click’n go!

Attach Files

Attach all supporting documents online with your invoices like customer contacts, shipping documents etc. Save time and space by using our online free file storage


Online Approval

In move2clouds you can approval all your sales invoices online with single click. No more manual approvals! Also this will give you control on your business transactions.

Direct to Customer Inbox

You can send sales invoice online to your customers. This will save time and ensure you prompt payment of your receivables. Invoice only goes to customer once you approve it online.

Online Invoicing Saves Time & Money

Move2clouds act as your full fledge online invoicing software. You can issue unlimited invoices, save them as draft, post/approve them at your discretion. You can add file attachment in pdf, xls, jpeg and other popular file formats. Once you save your invoice, you can view it later, edit it (if you have editing rights) and search invoice in future. With built-in invoice approval workflow in move2clouds, you can have full control over your accounting process. You can restrict your Accountant that he will only prepare the invoice and shall not have approval rights. Once he creates the invoice in the system and saves it, the approver (it can be you or any designated staff) will get the email notification that any invoice is pending for his approval. You can then login to move2clouds and approve the invoice. Once you approve it, the invoice can then be automatically sent to customer via email (if at the time of creating invoice this option was selected). If you are invoicing to a new customer, you can add new customer inside the invoice screen by clicking the +sign next the customer field. No need to go to customer set up; this will save your time. In same manerr you can add new product or service while remaining on the invoice screen.

Move2clouds can be a complete Online Invoicing Software for your small business.

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